She was born in Cesena, Italy in November 1989.


In 2015, she graduated with maximum grades from Academy of Architecture, USI, Switzerland with Prof. Arch.Valerio Olgiati

and with a Theoretical Paper The New Centrality of Canary Wharf. London’s Waterfront Neo-Tertiary Trasformation with Prof. Arch. Joseph Acebillo.



During her University carreer, in 2012 she worked as Architecture Intern at Studio Luz Architects, Boston and at NADAAA – Architecture & Urban Planning, Boston, founded by Arch. Nader Tehrani (head of Architecture Department at MIT, 2010-2014).



From 2015 to 2017 she worked as Teaching Assistant of Prof. Marco Müller (Director of multiple Film Festivals as Venice, Rome, Rotterdam, Locarno) for Style and Techniques of Cinema, MSc 1 class at Academy of Architecture, USI.

She has been Assistant for Filming Architecture 2016 and 2017 workshop with guests Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine, and Heinz Emigholz.

In film industry, she has worked as Production Designer Assistant in the movie Blood of My Blood, 2015 by Marco Bellocchio and in 2016 she has worked as Art Production Assistant in the movie Suspiria, by Luca Guadagnino.

Sucessively, she has been working on private residences as Interior Design Architect for

Luca Guadagnino.




In 2018 she moved to Tokyo, Japan where she started working as architect at Sou Fujimoto Architects

In 2019 she received the highest scholarship by Columbia University,New York City, USA to attend a Master 2 in Advanced Architectural Design. During the summer semester she was part of DeathLAB after which she moved back to Tokyo, Japan where she worked as Architect Designer at Kengo Kuma & Associates.


She is currently architectural consultant and designer in Tokyo, Japan.