Three continents (Europe, America, Asia) in osmosis in the creation of Gastronomic-Visual Art. A synaesthetic experience between the Feuerbachian "we are what we eat" of the annulment of the split between soul and body in relation to the dostojestic axiom of salvific beauty.


The temporality and fragility of beauty exemplified in Japanese sakura (cherry blossom) is condensed into gastronomic art. Every single dish is conceived as a small project that is structured between shape, surfaces and colors. The same ingredients are explored in a "new" way, becoming "other" through the photographic lens that allows a macroscopic analysis.

The Japanese Mono No-Aware aesthetic concept focused on the beauty of the temporality of nature and human life becomes the emblem of TuorloBlue. All dishes are made using ingredients that vary according to the seasons, thus creating different colors and tastes. The will is to explore new tastes and flavors through the combination of Japanese and Italian ingredients in the creation of a "new" fusion cuisine. TuorloBluelogo itself sums up its intent.


The poetics of the Japanese language was the first approach to the project. Shirataki: literally translated as "white waterfall", a metaphorical image due to the color of the noodles, which alludes to the freshness and purity of nature. Because as Shinto teaches - a religion born in Japan - being in contact with Nature is being in contact with the Kami (for us Westerners represented by the Divine).

TuorloBlue explores ancient and contemporary ingredients that transcend their cultural limits. From black garlic to various types of edible flowers.


But TuorloBlue is also a recipe book in the classic sense of the term. In fact, on our site, for each dish, both the list of ingredients and each recipe illustrated in step by step, made with architectural language through 3D modeling, are found. The drawings are all divided into plan, elevation and elevation. A deliberately architectural-scientific language in antithesis to the artistic-photographic aspect of the individual dishes.